Mission & History


The mission of the Wellness, Health & Counseling Services cluster is to support the campus' goal of being first in class by providing services that support students’ physical and mental health and wellness to enhance their academic success. We believe that academic excellence is facilitated when students have a strong mind, a healthy body, an enlivened spirit and a clear aspiration, nurtured in a supportive environment.

Our units assist students with a wide array of issues related to psychological counseling, disability-related services, assault and intimate partner violence support, recreational sports and fitness activities, a full range of health care services, and health/wellness education. Wellness, Health & Counseling Services are committed to a holistic orientation to service delivery, which involves impacting not only students, but the entire UC Irvine community and academic climate. In assessing and addressing the needs of our students, our focus is placed not only on counseling and treatment plans, but also on the expectation that students will play an active role in developing strategies on their own behalf.